Weed Control in Beds

Are you searching for a way to free your shrub and ornamental beds of weeds? If so, look no further than LawnAmerica, where our team of lawn care professionals can help out.

Due to the weed-friendly climate in the Carolina area, it can be difficult to exercise control over weeds. Our lawn specialists utilize weed control to decrease and manage the weed population so that our customers can cut back on hand-weeding in their shrub beds. Our Weed Control in Beds Program consists of 3-4 annual treatments of pre and post-emergent herbicides to help control weeds. We’ll apply a granular pre-emergent named Snapshot in early spring and early fall, which prevents many grassy and broadleaf weeds from germinating. We’ll then use a special liquid product named Fusilade 1-2 times during the summer which safely controls grassy weeds and even bermudagrass from encroaching into your shrub beds. We will also spot-treat any weeds that are not too close to desirable plants with Round-up.

We can’t guarantee all weeds will be gone, as there are some weeds such as Nutgrass which cannot be safely controlled with weed-control in beds. Proper mulching is also very important to help prevent weeds in beds. Since there is no turf to help choke out weeds, it’s more difficult in a shrub bed, so you’ll always need to do some hand weeding. However, with our program, you’ll see a big difference in the weed pressure.

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