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SpurgeWith hot and dry weather that we encounter in July and August in Carolina, a common summer broadleaf weed named Spurge can invade lawns and beds. It can not only grow in lawns, particularly well along the edge bordering the street, but in landscape beds as well, small cracks in driveways, etc. It does not take much soil for Spurge to germinate in and grow, with its’ deep taproot sinking down wherever it can find a place to grow. It is well adapted to hot, dry, Carolina summers with thick fleshy leaves holding the water in the plant well. From one taproot, spurge can spread out like a mat into the lawn or shrub bed. The good news is that it can easily be pulled up. And because our broadleaf herbicides are not as effective when temperatures are over 90 degrees, this is really the best way to eradicate it.

Spurge is one of those broadleaf weeds which the early spring pre-emergent does not control very well. It will help some, but spurge is just going to germinate during the summer. Our Bed Weed-Control Program, with special pre-emergents applied in early spring, will actually control spurge better than our lawn pre-emergent, Barricade. So with this troublesome summer weed, you’ll have to go “old school” some and hand pick the weeds in most cases.

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