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NC Drought mapNeedless to say, it’s very dry still in western North Carolina and into the Charlotte area. The current drought map shows the extend of what we are facing now, with exceptional drought in many of the western areas, including Asheville. Forrest fires are consuming miles of dry forest and causing smoke to fill the air. While this is all bad, homeowners in our area are facing watering restrictions, making it very challenging to provide enough water for their parched lawns and landscapes.

Our lawns and landscapes are a big investment, and an important part of our home value, aesthetics, and urban environment. So caring for it is important, and the most important thing one can do now is find a way to irrigate enough to keep plants alive. The good news, if there is any, is that with cooler temperatures, soil moisture will not evaporate as much and plants are not utilizing as much. So one does not have to water as frequently, maybe once a week will suffice. Make it a good soaking though and get the water down deep into the soil. And if you have fescue seedlings trying to come up and grow, lighter sprinkling even by hand will be in order, as those roots are still fairly shallow. And after our fall fertilization on fescue, the fertilizer needs to be watered into the soil to be effective.

So please try to keep your lawn and landscape watered some, and pray for rain, as we all need it.

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