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HenbitCall it another sign of global warming I guess, but I’ve never seen the annual weed Henbit out by mid-February in North Carolina. Henbit it is a common winter annual weed that germinates during fall, but is very small until the warmth of spring causes it to grow and produce those bright purple flowers. Henbit can be so plentiful that untreated lawns can be taken over by purple flowers in March…..not February though. This is a pic of Henbit out already in a lawn in Charlotte…..but not a LawnAmerica lawn!

Our Late Fall Weed-Control Application will do agreat job of controlling winter annual weeds like Henbit, Chickweed, Annual Bluegrass and others. There may be some breakthrough in places, but typically we don’t see many weeds on our lawns in February and March. Not so on untreated or thin lawns, as these weeds can take over in spring.  And this spring appears to be coming on strong, so expect to see more weeds sooner as we get into the season. And spring won’t officially be here until March 20th!

Once Henbit goes to flower, it’s very difficult to erradicate. We spray it with Trimec, a post-emergent herbicide, but it can take weeks for it to completely die. It really helps to mow down the dying weeds about 5 days after we spray, as this stimulates the weeds to attempt to grow back, which helps the herbicide in the plant to work faster. Also, removing the dying vegetation helps the lawn look better. Contrary to some popular opinion, the weeds don’t just magically disappear after spraying!.  They have to decompose, and that can take wees to take place.

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