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seedfescueFescue, along with some zoysiagrass and some bermudagrass are the three main grass types found in Charlotte and Asheville area lawns. And for these turf types to grow into a thick, green, and healthy turf, fertilization is a key component. Bermudagrass especially loves nitrogen, the main component in fertilizer, so it needs to be applied several times during the growing season for best results. Nitrogen requirements for fescue are less, and in fact can harm fescue if applied too much during the summer. This is why we apply an organic-based soil amendment to fescue turf during the summer.

There are all types of fertilizer for turf, with different timing of applications and rates. LawnAmerica fertilzer is the best, with from 25%-75% quality slow-release nitrogen in all blends. While many competitors just use cheaper quick-release nitrogen, we invest more into a fertilizer that is safer, more efficient, and better for the turf and environment.

So for more information on proper lawn fertilization, READ MORE.


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