Local Acts of Love: Shining a Spotlight on Community Champions in Our Own Back Yard

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Park Ridge Health Foundation, Hendersonville, NC At LawnAmerica, we have always made it a priority to give back to the members of our community. This giving philosophy has been interwoven into the very D.N.A. that makes up our company, and began when we first opened our doors 19 years ago. Therefore, we give back as… Read more »

Nutgrass Season Is Here

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This blog was originally posted a couple of years ago, but Brad Johnson did such a good job explaining everything, we decided to leave it alone and present it again. The reason they call it Nutgrass is not because it drives homeowners and lawn care operators nuts trying to control it, but rather the little… Read more »

Spring Dead Spot Strikes Again

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After spending almost 20 years in lawn care, you come to realize that there is rarely anything new under the sun.  While every season presents its own unique set of challenges, you can always count on weather to impact how quickly nature wakes up, lawns start to look good, and weeds begin to germinate. For… Read more »

Happy Arbor Day

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The last Friday in April has come to be known as Arbor Day in America.  Originating in 1872 in Nebraska City, Nebraska, J. Sterling Morton helped pave the way for an estimated million trees to be planted that year.  By the 1920’s, most states recognized Arbor Day in some form or fashion and to this… Read more »

Time to Dust Off the Mower

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Has spring finally arrived? Based on the winter coat I needed to leave the house this morning, it sure doesn’t feel like it. However, now that we’ve made it through this morning’s cold front, the forecast shows we may finally be sliding into a more spring-like pattern. We sure need it! This has been one… Read more »


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Can you believe it is April already? Winter is finally coming to an end (at least we hope!) Lawns are coming out of dormancy, trees are leafing out, and the vibrant colors of spring can be seen in flowers all around. With the warming temperatures, you can’t help but want to spend more time outside…. Read more »

Dandelions Mean it’s Time for Spring Cleaning

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We can tell Spring has officially sprung because we’re busy cleaning up dandelions for our customers. Isn’t that just dandy? Well dandelions certainly seem to think so! Dandelions can be a nuisance but they aren’t all bad. The entire plant is edible, they do pull nutrients from deep within the soil and deposit them back… Read more »

Liquid or Granular – Does it Matter?

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Nitrogen, the primary component of most fertilizers, has long been lauded as the element responsible for the dark green color that homeowners are hoping to achieve with fertilizer applications.  Numerous studies show that in fact, Nitrogen is only one component and that there are many other components that impact the color and overall health of… Read more »