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Each year we find ourselves enjoying the great outdoors, yet somehow ticks and mosquitoes find a way to get back to us. Both insects carry a number of diseases that can put anyone at risk from Lyme Disease to West Nile Virus. LawnAmerica wants to help protect you and your family by sharing 3 ways to keep ticks and mosquitoes away.

Protect your Landscape: Both mosquitoes and ticks prefer areas with tall grass and a lot of shade. Mowing your lawn and keeping tall or overgrown weeds low helps deter ticks and mosquitos from hanging around.

We get it, everyone has a life and sometimes you just don’t have time to treat and protect your landscape from mosquitos. LawnAmerica’s Buzz Off! Mosquito Control program helps protect your lawn and landscape so you have more time to spend outdoors without worrying about the nuisance of mosquitoes.

Insect Repellent: The CDC recommends repellents containing products such as DEET. This product is effective at keeping both ticks, mosquitos, and other insects away. Remember, always follow instructions carefully before applying.

Other natural repellents are also available online or at local health food stores, but may not be effective against ticks or other bugs.

Clothing: Covering and minimizing exposed skin in loose, light-colored clothing is a great way to prevent both mosquito and tick bites. This may be uncomfortable to do in the summer heat, but it will help keep ticks and mosquitos away from your skin.

Mosquitoes are attracted to dark areas, so wear the opposite color—either white or neutral shades. By wearing light colored clothing, you’ll also have an easier time identifying if a tick is on you before it’s too late.

Although mosquito and tick encounters are impossible to prevent, taking preventative measures like wearing the right clothing, applying insect repellent and keeping your landscape clean can help protect you and your family all season.

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  1. Amanda Drew

    Thanks for pointing out that getting rid of overgrown weeds will help deter mosquitoes and ticks from hanging around your property. You’d probably also be able to find some sorts of natural plants that those types of bugs naturally avoid. It’d probably also be a good idea to get someone to help you control your mosquito and tick population.



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