Happy Administrative Professionals Day

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As with any service business such as LawnAmerica, we could not serve our Carolina customers and our employees could not do their jobs without the great work of folks behind the scenes at the office. Today we want to express a special Thank You to our office staff and administrative professionals for the great job… Read more »

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Happy Earth Day, a celebration of this earth we live on. It’s an amazing place, this planet, created by God for us to live on and enjoy. Too bad we humans seem to mess it up at times. For most homeowners in the Carolinas, our part of the earth we’re most responsible for is our… Read more »

How to Control Poa annua

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Poa annua, or Annual Bluegrass, is a common winter annual grassy weed found in Carolina lawns at this time of year. It mainly germinates in the fall with the first cool rains, and stays fairly small until the following spring. It’s a lighter green color, shallow-rooted compared to the existing turf, and is a prolific… Read more »

It’s OK to Scalp Bermudagrass Now

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If you have warm-season turf such as bermudagrass or zoysiagrass, scalping is a process which many homeowners and mowing companies do during spring. Scalping turf basically is mowing down the grass really short, removing much of the brown, dormant leaves and stems, and removing those by bagging the clippings. It helps even out the turf,… Read more »

I Have Ants in My Lawn

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Well, that’s better than having ants in your pants! This time of the season, ants do seem to be more prolific in Carolina home lawns. Little mounds of dirt piled up by the working ants can be seen along edges or in the turf. And with dormant bermudagrass, the ant mounds are more visible since… Read more »