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mowingIt’s early May in North Carolina and we’ve had some good rains to perk up our fescue and other grasses. So lawns should be mowed consistently now. It always amazes me that we have some customers who put off that first spring mowing for as long as they can, letting the turf get really tall before whacking it down. Lawns not only will look nicer if they are mowed, it will also help stimulate new and denser turf growth sooner, which helps to choke out any weeds present. And weeds that have been sprayed need to be mowed down in order to complete their kill and to remove the dying vegetation. Weeds don’t just disappear after they are sprayed. It does take time, and the dying plant material needs to be removed in order to look nice.

Three keys to proper mowing now that we are into the mowing season are:

  • Mow with a sharp blade
  • Mow at proper heights
  • Never take off more than 1/3rd of the leaf blade

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